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Anna-Maria Bartsch

Visual artist / free painting

“I found my new home in Aachen and brought art back to me. Since then I have been working in my wonderful AMBA atelier and I am very happy that painting will determine my daily work again. "

Atelier AMBA

Kirberichshofer Weg 6

52066 Aachen, Germany



1986 to 1991:

Study of free painting at the

Werkschule Cologne  with Prof. D. Krämer.


Master class "summa cum laude".

1991 to 2000:

Work as a freelance artist.

Atelier AMBAAR, Cologne.

2000 to 2010:

"Ambaar artmedia" advertising agency, Cologne

Conception, design and technical implementation of online projects.

2011 until today: 

Move to Aachen.

Return to art.

Paint / exhibit / continue painting

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